Donation Policy

Blindspot is a tax-exempt organization which organizes inclusion projects in Switzerland. It is financed privately and project-related. Foundations, partner organizations, companies as well as sponsors and donators support our work with financial, personal and material resources.

Participating in our projects should be affordable for everyone. This is why the participation rates have to be attractive and accessible. However, these contributions do not cover the real costs to organize and run our projects, which include extensive preparation, implementation as well as the accompaniment of the participants during the activities and follow-up.

Blindspot deals with financial, natural and human resources in a careful manner. General administrative expenses such as wages and administrative costs like office materials are covered by grant-making foundations. In addition, many projects are based on the voluntary commitment of our team and our volunteers. Therefore, your donation will benefit the projects to the full extent.

We ensure an exemplary and transparent fundraising, fund management and communication, so that the donations can be used effectively for the well-being and inclusion of children, youth and young adults with and without disabilities or with a social impairment in Switzerland.

Donations for a specific purpose or project are entirely dedicated to the donator’s request. Each donation will be confirmed unless otherwise requested. This confirmation is considered a deductible document for the tax refund in Switzerland.

Blindspot does not accept donations which could affect its aims, independence, values or integrity.

Yes, I want to be part of this vision by contributing with a donation!