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71. Sponsors & Partners  
These cooperation partners support us with their services in our inclusion projects in the areas of leisure, work and living and thus help us to make our vision a reality.  
72. Sponsors & Partners - Cooperation Partners  
Cooperation Partners  
73. Sponsors & Partners  
Thanks to the trust and financial support of these foundations and funding organizations, we can work on the vision of an inclusive society every day:  
74. Sponsors & Partners - Foundations & Sponsoring Organizations  
Foundations & Sponsoring Organizations  
75. Sponsors & Partners - Sponsors & Partners  
Sponsors & Partners Only with the support of our sponsors and partners can we realize our inclusion projects. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support!  
76. Impact measurement - Impact measurement  
Impact measurement All projects are geared towards a sustainable and holistic impact. They are oriented towards the needs of the target groups and are developed in a participatory manner. For their…  
77. talks and lectures - Talks and lectures  
Talks and lectures We strive for system change, thus our projects are innovative. We try out new approaches and learn from mistakes. In doing so, we exemplify an open culture of error. In order to…  
78. Inclusion Knowledge  
We attain knowledge together and want to share it with you. Our impact measurement includes a holistic approach and is sustainably oriented towards the needs of our target group. With presentations…  
79. Inclusion Knowledge - Knowledge about Inclusion  
Knowledge about Inclusion  
80. Inclusive education  
Call us at: 031 932 36 32 Tell us who you are and why you want to work with us. Then we might invite you to an interview where we can get to know each other better. We will ask you questions and…  
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