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61. Inclusive education  
You can do an internship with us and get to know the work.  
62. Inclusive education  
With us you can do an apprenticeship in service Trainee PrA-Restaurant Restaurant employee EBA Restaurant specialist EFZ In our establishments you will help to serve guests in a friendly…  
63. Inclusive education  
With us you can do an apprenticeship in the kitchen INSOS trainee PrA kitchen Kitchen employee EBA EFZ cook In our establishments you will help to prepare delicious food and drink for…  
64. Inclusive education - Inclusive education  
Inclusive education Are you looking for an apprenticeship? And you have an impairment? We offer apprenticeships in the kitchen and in service. Many people with and without impairments…  
65. Registration form - Cooltour registration form  
Cooltour registration form  
66. Cooltour  
We can offer you the following: Free food and accomodation Covered travelling expenses Confirmation for the voluntary work A unique and inclusive experience as well as interesting people  
67. Cooltour  
We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their support of the Cooltour inclusion project:  
68. Cooltour - Sponsors & Partners  
Sponsors & Partners  
69. Cooltour  
You have to organize your journey yourself and is not included in the camp fee. However, with the complete camp documents, it is possible to coordinate with each other to organize a joint journey.  
70. Cooltour  
This day will be relaxing. Sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast and then go to the hot tub, play a game together or just enjoy the day. It's up to you and you're sure to find someone to have a good…  
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