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elfsight instagram app Blindspot @ Instagram  
22. Cooltour - General regulations and instructions  
General regulations and instructions  
23. Cooltour - Registration Cooltour 2023  
Registration Cooltour 2023  
24. Cooltour - We search for: Volunteers with and without disabilities  
We search for: Volunteers with and without disabilities  
25. Cooltour - Cooltour – Better than Holidays  
Cooltour – Better than Holidays Cooltour is a summer camp for children and young people with and without disabilities between the ages of 9 to 18. Over the span of eight days, they experience a…  
26. Cooltour  
For the curious and those at home: Visit us - and experience a diverse and inclusive group. On Wednesday July 19 2023 from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm there will be a burger day by the Cooltour cooking…  
27. Cooltour  
To support the participating children and adolescents as well as help with the infrastructure, we are searching for joung and motivated volunteers with and without disabilities. For more…  
28. Prizes & Awards  
2016 The youth project and inclusive summer camp Cooltour by Blindspot receives the Prix Printemps audience award.  2023 The project Inclusive Living receives the Prix Printemps…  
29. Prizes & Awards  
2018 Jonas Staub and Anja Reichenbach receive the Public Award of the Swiss Diversity Award for their commitment to Blindspot. 2022 Jonas Staub receives the Swisscom Entrepreneurship Award…  
30. Cooltour  
Choose a day course and make your experience a little more special. These are the day courses for the Cooltour 2023: Outdoor Adventure Off to the wilderness! Make your own fire without a…  
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