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1. Cooltour - Registration Cooltour 2024 (in German)  
…Registration Cooltour 2024 (in German)  
2. Cooltour  
…For the curious and those at home: Visit us - and experience a diverse and inclusive group. On July 31st 2024 from 11.30 am to 2 pm there will be a burger day by the Cooltour cooking team. Enjoy a burger straight…  
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… In June 2024, you will receive a final decision on which week's course you can attend (based on your priorities) and what exactly the programme on Saturday (day course) will look like for you. At the same time, you…  
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… Choose a weekly course for your very own Cooltour week. These are the weekly courses for the Cooltour 2024: Streetdance Dance the newest moves from the world champion from Germany. Together you will create a…  
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… camp will be take place at Camping Eichholz in Bern from July 26th until August 2nd 2024.  
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…oose a day course and make your experience a little more special. These are the day courses for the Cooltour 2024: Outdoor Adventure Off into the wilderness! Make your own fire without a lighter, immerse yourself…