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1. Inclusive education  
With us you can do an apprenticeship in service INSOS Practitioner PrA Restaurant Restaurant employee EBA Restaurant specialist EFZ In our establishments you will help to serve guests in…  
2. Inclusive education  
With us you can do an apprenticeship in the kitchen INSOS trainee PrA kitchen Kitchen employee EBA EFZ cook In our establishments you will help to prepare delicious food and drink for…  
3. Inclusive living  
Do you want to become part of this inclusive flat share? Then please note the following requirements: As the flat at Centralweg 15 is not barrier-free, the housing project there…  
4. Team  
5. Cooltour - Registration Cooltour 2024 (in German)  
Registration Cooltour 2024 (in German)  
6. Cooltour  
Note: Only if all required fields are filled in correctly, you can submit your registration. If you don't find your registration confirmation in your email inbox, check your SPAM folder.  
7. Cooltour - Instructions to register  
Instructions to register Please note that if the registration cannot be completed, one or some fields are not filled in correctly. In this case, you can simply click on the 'Back Button' and see…  
8. Cooltour  
Registration form  
9. Cooltour  
Our prices are based on your means: CHF 150.- in agreement with Blindspot and after presentation of documents (tax invoice, KulturLegi etc.) CHF 410.- for families with a reduced budget CHF…  
10. Cooltour  
We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their support of the Cooltour inclusion project:  
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