Talks and lectures

We strive for system change, thus our projects are innovative. We try out new approaches and learn from mistakes. In doing so, we exemplify an open culture of error. In order to further promote inclusion in our society, we pass on what we have learned and work in a strongly network-based way. We offer lectures at universities to ensure the transfer of knowledge in the field of inclusion. We report from our projects, share our experiences and give valuable tips based on our practical examples.

Jonas Staub is the inclusion expert in Switzerland and also internationally renowned as an Ashoka Fellow. For twelve years he worked pedagogically in various segregated structures with children and adults with mental, cognitive and social impairments. With his model of inclusive education, which he developed from practical experience, he is revolutionising society and the economy in all areas of life, be it leisure, work or living. So that inclusion becomes a matter of fact in our society.

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