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Cooltour is a summer camp for children and young people with and without disabilities between the ages of 9 to 18. Over the span of eight days, they experience a varied programme that meets their needs. The focus is on shared experiences, fun and living together. They attend a variety of courses - from spray painting and street dance to cooking - and realise that people with and without disabilities actually have more in common than separates them.

The inclusive holiday camp began in 2009 in cooperation with national and regional partners from the youth, cultural, health and social sectors. Since then, around 80 children and young people with and without disabilities have taken part in the summer camp every year. In an informal setting, they learn to act in a self-determined, independent and responsible manner and realise the added value that diversity and inclusion bring.

Three qualitative studies by the Lucerne School of Social Work (HSLU) were able to show that Cooltour participation has positive long-term effects on the children's and youth’s social, as well as personal skills, tolerance and self-determination. The positive feedback from the participants and their parents, also makes it clear what an important and formative influence Cooltour has.

Cooltour is listed in the action plan of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a good practice example from the field of leisure. Furthermore, the project was awarded the „PrixPrintemps“ in 2016 and on top of that received the audience award at the ceremony.

Registration Cooltour 2024 (in German)

Camping with friends for a week, making new friendships and acquaintances and enjoying the summer together. The inclusive summer camp Cooltour by Blindspot has everything what a successful holiday experience needs. Put together your own week from a wide range of courses. All this and much more awaits you during the Cooltour.

Our inclusive summer camp will be take place at Camping Eichholz in Bern from July 26th until August 2nd 2024.

Registration via our website is closed, but you can still register for Cooltour 2024 by telephone 078 665 49 31.

General regulations and instructions

You can put together your own personal week. When you register, you can choose and prioritise your preferences from a wide and exciting range of weekly and daily courses. We will then do our best to ensure that all your wishes are taken into account as much as possible.

In this weekly schedule you can see our program for 2024.

Choose a weekly course for your very own Cooltour week.
These are the weekly courses for the Cooltour 2024:


Dance the newest moves from the world champion from Germany. Together you will create a choreography, where your own steps and creativity have a place!


Cooking with fire
Do you like to be in nature, do you love hearty and homemade food? Then cooking in and over the fire suits you perfectly. Cook new recipes every day in the pizza oven and on the open fire.


Whether you've tried it before or not - together with the pros you'll discover the coolest tricks and spots in Bern and make skateboarding your lifestyle.


Do you remember sitting at the circus and marveling at fascinating spectacle? Immerse yourself in the world of circus. You will learn how to perform magic tricks and juggle and balance like a pro.


Whether you've tried it before or not, together with the pros you'll discover the coolest tricks and spots in Bern and make skateboarding your lifestyle.


Immerse yourself in the world of the circus ring. Perform magic, juggle and balance like a pro. And of course the big performance is a must!


Mini PopUp
Become a host! Make your mark on the Mini PopUp of the Cooltour 2024 directly at the Aare river. Fun and sun while serving guests are already pre-programmed.


Pottery Potter your new favorite piece, a fantasy creature or a funny mug? Nothing stands in the way of your creativity! Grab the clay and get started!


Immerse yourself in the world of theater and find your role on stage. And of course the big performance follows at the end!

Choose a day course and make your experience a little more special.
These are the day courses for the Cooltour 2024:


Outdoor Adventure
Off into the wilderness! Make your own fire without a lighter, immerse yourself in nature and experience it up close. An unforgettable adventure is guaranteed.


Just chill out with homemade face masks and peelings. With the help of various massages and relaxation techniques you can then relax completely - simply wonderful!


You love parties and you're interested in the preparation process? Create drinks and operate a DJ setup, this and much more you'll be able to discover in this course - and apply it directly at the camp party.


Yes, that's right, the game consoles have found their way into Cooltour. Whether PS or Xbox, in this course you can dive into the world of colorful pictures and fast fingers.


Poetry Slam
Do you like writing your own texts and simply enjoy performing them? Then this course is just right for you! Learn how to write an entertaining text and perform it on stage!


Do you enjoy playing ball games and you always wanted to try something new? Get to know the fast and dynamic game of rugby better and really burn off some energy.

This day will be relaxing. Sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast and then go to the hot tub, play a game together or just enjoy the day. It's up to you and you're sure to find someone to have a good time with among your new friends.

For the curious and those at home: Visit us - and experience a diverse and inclusive group. On July 31st 2024 from 11.30 am to 2 pm there will be a burger day by the Cooltour cooking team. Enjoy a burger straight from the newly restored vintage food truck Copine76.

You have to organize your journey yourself and is not included in the camp fee. However, with the complete camp documents, it is possible to coordinate with each other to organize a joint journey.

Register until the registration deadline on June 7th 2024 (registrations via telephone still possible afterwards). The registration form is posted on this registration page.

Please note that if the registration cannot be completed, one or some fields are not filled in correctly. In this case, you can simply click on the 'Back Button' and see where information is missing or entered incorrectly.

The confirmation mail may end up in spam. Therefore, we also recommend that you check your spam folder when you have completed your registration.

We will also be taking registrations by telephone phone for people with high support needs. We ask that you keep the lines free for these people and register using the registration form.

Our prices are based on your means:

CHF 150.- in agreement with Blindspot and after presentation of documents (tax invoice, KulturLegi etc.)

CHF 410.- for families with a reduced budget

CHF 460.- for families with medium income

CHF 510.- for families with a good financial situation

In June 2024, you will receive a final decision on which week's course you can attend (based on your priorities) and what exactly the programme on Saturday (day course) will look like for you.

At the same time, you will receive detailed information and an invoice, which must be paid before the camp. All information and the invoice will be sent exclusively via the e-mail address provided. If this should be a problem, please contact us by phone.

Your registration is binding.

The number of participants for the summer holiday camp Cooltour is limited to 65.

Every registration triggers costs for us. For cancellations within the official registration period (until June 7th 2024) 50% of the camp costs will be charged, for cancellations after the registration period as well as no-shows we have to charge 100% of the camp costs.

Short-term cancellations due to illness or accident will be charged at 80%. Please inform yourself if you are privately insured and send us the medical certificate.

The insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

During the summer camp - film, picture and sound recordings may be made, which Blindspot is allowed to use for the website and other communication media in compliance with data protection laws. If you do not agree to this, please inform us in writing or by e-mail.

Cooltour is only possible thanks to the valuable support of our partners and supporters. The data of participants with disabilities will be forwarded and treated confidentially for the purpose of billing with our main partner, Plusport Behindertensport Schweiz.

We search for: Volunteers with and without disabilities

To support the participating children and adolescents as well as help with the infrastructure, we are searching for young and motivated volunteers with and without disabilities.

For more information or applications, you can directly contact our project manager, Fabienne Marques, per e-mail or telephone.


To apply as a volunteer, you should fulfill these requirements:

  • You enjoy doing things with children and young people  
  • You like to approach people openly  
  • You take on responsibility   
  • You like to structure things  
  • You feel comfortable in a lively environment
  • camp leadership experience is welcomed
  • minimum age of 17

Our offer

We can offer you the following:

  • Free food and accomodation
  • Consideration of your preference for course guidance
  • Covered travelling expenses
  • Confirmation for the voluntary work
  • A unique and inclusive experience as well as interesting people

Sponsors & Partners

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their support of the Cooltour inclusion project:

Your contact person

Would you like to take part in the winter camp or do you have any questions? Then contact Fabienne Marques by e-mail or ...