Our inclusive holiday camps

Our very first inclusion project was a vacation camp: in 2005 we organized a winter camp for young people with and without impairments. The popularity of our camps is as strong today as it was then. The summer camp Cooltour as well as the two winter camps for children and teenagers are highlights in the calendars of the participants - and in ours as well.

Vacation camps enable young people with an impairment to share their passion with friends and siblings without an impairment and to pursue leisure activities in a self-determined way. Through a diverse program, they dive into topics that were previously unknown for them, reduce fears and reservations, strengthen their self- and social competence, make new friends and enjoy carefree days full of joy.


Cooltour 2023

Our next inclusive summer camp takes place next summer 2024.

Winter camp 2023

Let's go on the ski runs of Saas-Fee in our inclusive winter camp December 26th - 31st.