Inclusion projects

Blindspot offers a wide range of inclusion projects like the summer camp Cooltour, winter activities in Saas-Fee and the national school project Laureus Metro Sports by Blindspot. With its project Provisorium46, Blindspot promotes the inclusion of young adults in the labor market.

These projects are both result- and impact-driven and contribute to the vision of an inclusive society. They are oriented towards the needs and interests of young people with and without disabilities and social impairment and are developed in a participative way.

Blindspot builds on the skills and abilities of all participants, encourages self-reliance and tolerance among all participants and those who surround them and provides individual support whenever required.

We promote inclusion through integrative processes and networking. Our aim is to increase cooperation and knowledge-sharing on a local, national and international level in order to join forces and create a more inclusive society together.

Provisorium46 is a comprehensive project in the area of working and social inclusion for young adults with and without disabilities and social impairment.

Through this gastronomic and cultural project, we make the advantages of a diverse society accessible in an informal way and accompany young people with disabilities on their paths to more independent lives. Using the public area of the popular neighborhood Länggasse in Bern, we raise public awareness in the community and implement the concept of social space orientation, as these are essential parts of the concept.

Cooltour is a summer camp which takes place in Bern during the summer holidays. It is all about spending time together and having fun. The modular, trendy program focuses on culture, health and sports and is designed for children and teens aged 10 to 19 with and without disabilities or social impairment. Cooltour focuses on common interests of the participants and on their shared experiences in order to have an impact on their social and self-competence.

In our winter sport projects, young people with and without disabilities or social impairment have fun together and make new friends while snowboarding or skiing in the superb landscape of the Swiss Alps. Under the direction of specially trained ski and snowboard instructors, the participating children, teens and young adults aged 10 to 30 get the opportunity to learn new techniques and develop their athletic talents. In addition to promoting social and movement goals, the participants experience the many benefits of diversity.

Blindspot also organizes one-on-one instructors for blind or visually impaired children and teens during school camps, ski camps, or daily excursions.

Inclusive school sport days

In Switzerland, children with disabilities are confronted with disadvantages. They do not have the same opportunities as their peers without disabilities to participate in society, generally living in a parallel world where they hardly know same-aged children without disabilities.

If there are no opportunities for them to meet - at school, during leisure time or later in the working world - people will lack resources for a constructive approach and may not understand or recognize the added value of a diverse society.

It is precisely this social problem which leads to the inclusive sport days at school. In cooperation with regular and specialized schools and out-of-school partners, Blindspot brings children and young people with and without disabilities together for a sports day. By getting in touch with each other, all participants – children and teachers - experience the value of diversity. Blindspot encourages and empowers schools to organize inclusive follow-up projects in order to help change mindsets and cultures.

Inklusion macht Schule or Inclusion goes to School is a networking project which aims at connecting key persons in Berne to promote collaboration between existing structures of the disabled and non-disabled areas. In that way, participation and access to existing opportunities are increased for people with disabilities. Methods, approaches and results are documented in order to multiply them.