About us

Blindspot – Inclusion and Diversity Switzerland – strives for a society where inclusion is lived implicitly in every setting as it is claimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Our projects contribute to achieve goal 10 of the UN sustainable development goals (reduce inequality within and among countries).

We empower people with and without disabilities and with a social impairment to participate actively and self-sufficient in everyday life.

Our inclusion projects are offered in many different areas and are based on the needs of our target audience. They are developed in a participative way and in partnership with other institutions at a local, regional and national level. Studies, observations and feedback prove that longstanding participants show increased self- and social competence and consider a diverse society to have much added value.

Working in close collaboration with parents and caregivers and taking the social space orientation into account are important elements that support the sustainability of all of our inclusion projects.

Raising awareness for inclusion in society is the aim of Blindspots strategic media work. Our staff exchanges knowledge in the theoretical and practical field by offering and participating in events like workshops, lectures at Universities, and attending national and international conferences in order to gain and promote further expertise on inclusion processes.

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